FSCD 2020 Accepted Papers

Petar Vukmirović, Alexander Bentkamp and Visa Nummelin. Efficient Full Higher-Order Unification
Paul-André Melliès and Nicolas Rolland. Comprehension and quotient structures in the language of 2-categories
Dariusz Biernacki, Sergueï Lenglet and Piotr Polesiuk. A Complete Normal-Form Bisimilarity for Algebraic Effects and Handlers
Ankush Das and Frank Pfenning. Resource-Aware Session Types with Arithmetic Refinements (System Description)
Paul Brunet and David Pym. Pomsets with Boxes: Protection, Separation, and Locality in Concurrent Kleene Algebra
Andrej Dudenhefner. Undecidability of Semi-unification on a Napkin
Mathias Hülsbusch, Barbara König, Sebastian Küpper and Lars Stoltenow. Conditional Bisimilarity for Reactive Systems
Cyril Cohen, Kazuhiko Sakaguchi and Enrico Tassi. Hierarchy Builder: algebraic hierarchies made easy in Coq with Elpi (System Description)
Masaomi Yamaguchi and Takahito Aoto. An Efficient Decision Procedure for Uniqueness of Normal Forms w.r.t. Conversion of Shallow Term Rewriting Systems
André Hirschowitz, Tom Hirschowitz and Ambroise Lafont. Modules over monads and operational semantics
Frédéric Blanqui. Type safety of rewriting rules in dependent types
Gabriel Hondet and Frédéric Blanqui. The new rewriting engine of Dedukti (System Description)
Brandon Bohrer and André Platzer. Refining Constructive Hybrid Games
Andrej Ivaskovic, Alan Mycroft and Dominic Orchard. Data-flow analyses as effects and graded monads
Cynthia Kop. WANDA - a Higher Order Termination Tool (System Description)
Claude Stolze and Luigi Liquori. A Type Checker for a Logical Framework with Union and Intersection Types (System Description)
Zeinab Galal. A Profunctorial Scott Semantics
Guillaume Boisseau. String diagrams for optics
Dariusz Biernacki, Mateusz Pyzik and Filip Sieczkowski. A Reflection on Continuation-Composing Style
Yo Mitani, Naoki Kobayashi and Takeshi Tsukada. A Probabilistic Higher-order Fixpoint Logic
Rick Erkens and Maurice Laveaux. Adaptive Non-linear Pattern Matching Automata
Yoshiki Nakamura, Kazuyuki Asada, Naoki Kobayashi, Ryoma Sin'Ya and Takeshi Tsukada. On Average-Case Hardness of Higher-Order Model Checking
Kazuyuki Asada and Naoki Kobayashi. Size-Preserving Translations from Order-(n+1) Word Grammars to Order-n Tree Grammars
Ambrus Kaposi and Jakob von Raumer. A Syntax for Mutual Inductive Families
Tim Lukas Diezel and Sergey Goncharov. Towards Constructive Hybrid Semantics
Chuangjie Xu. A Gentzen-style monadic translation of Goedel's System T
David Cerna and Temur Kutsia. Unital Anti-unification: Type and Algorithms
Yu-Yang Lin and Nikos Tzevelekos. Symbolic Execution Game Semantics
Wilmer Ricciotti and James Cheney. Strongly Normalizing Higher-Order Relational Queries
Henry DeYoung, Frank Pfenning and Klaas Pruiksma. Semi-Axiomatic Sequent Calculus
Besik Dundua, Temur Kutsia, Mircea Marin and Cleopatra Pau. Constraint Solving over Multiple Similarity Relations
Guillaume Genestier. Encoding Agda Programs using Rewriting
Mario Alvarez-Picallo and C.-H. Luke Ong. The difference lambda-calculus: a language for difference categories.